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What Are 3 Important Things About Writing a Will?

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2020 | Firm News |

While you may think you are healthy and expect to have a long time remaining in the world, the fact of death remains a constant possibility. Drafting a last will and testament is an important way to look out for the future of your loved ones, especially as you near retirement age. 

If you pass away without a will, then the fate of your estate will be subject to the default laws of New York. As such, it behooves you to be prepared by having a well-written will. What follows are some tips for writing an effective will. 

Regularly update the will 

The most current version of your will is the one that will take effect at the time of your death. That is why the American Association of Retired Persons recommends that you revisit and update your will at the time of any major life changes such as a large purchase or acquisition, the birth of a child, a divorce or a marriage. 

Name the right executor 

Your executor not only presides over the will and its implementation, but you can also empower the executor to use your estate to pay off bills and deal with debt collectors. It is important to name someone whom you trust and whom you can discuss the will with before you die, whether this is an attorney, relative or close friend. 

Choose a disinterested witness 

When you create your will, you need someone who does not have a conflict of interest to act as a witness. This is known as a “disinterested witness,” and it should not be someone who is named as a beneficiary.