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Is your loved one under undue influence?

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2021 | Firm News |

New York has laws governing estate plans in a careful and precise way. An estate plan should allow your loved ones the ability to make their last wishes and desires known. In most cases, this is the purpose it fulfills.

But there are some cases in which your loved one may end up coerced or manipulated into making declarations against their will. This is being a victim of undue influence.

How does a manipulator benefit from undue influence?

The American Bar Association discusses some potential red flags that may indicate your loved one is suffering under undue influence. In most cases, the goal of a manipulator is to get the victim to change their estate plan or will in a way that benefits them. This often means removing beneficiaries that already have mention, or adding new beneficiaries. Thus, changes are the first thing you should keep an eye out for. Are a lot of sudden changes happening? Do they make no sense? It could be a sign.

How do they control a victim’s life?

Related to that, the manipulator in this situation often does whatever they can to take control of the victim’s life. You should take note if their caretaker begins micromanaging their affairs. This can include planning out their meals, handling their schedules and dealing with their medications. It even includes making changes to things without notifying your loved one.

Isolation is another tactic that manipulators often use. They do this by refusing to allow visitors to see your loved one, including family members. If you find it suspiciously hard to visit your loved one because they are always busy, resting or not feeling well, it may be another warning sign. You should act quickly so you can contest the estate plan.