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Guide to downsizing from a family home to a condo

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2021 | Real Estate |

There are many reasons why people downsize from a family home to a condominium. Sometimes the house is too big after the children have moved out. Maybe the owners can no longer afford the home. Upkeep and maintenance can become an unmanageable chore, especially if the owners are older or develop physical problems.

Whatever the reasons for downsizing, it can be a challenge to sell the family home quickly. Furthermore, while the process of buying a condo can be similar to the purchase of a family home, there are special considerations that a buyer must make.

Selling the family home

According to U.S. News and World Report, it is to the owner’s advantage to sell the home quickly, but sometimes the market is not favorable to sellers. While the owner cannot control the market, he or she can take some steps to make the home more attractive to prospective buyers.

Many of these steps are actually simple matters, such as letting in as much natural light as possible and making sure the house is as clean as can be. It can also help to depersonalize the home by removing memorabilia such as family photos and putting them in storage.

Buying a condo

Downsizing to a condo offers a lot of advantages, such as exterior upkeep and maintenance. However, such services come at a price. Money Crashers recommends that anyone interested in buying a condo understands the association fees. Community living also involves a lot of rules, and prospective buyers should review these carefully before making an offer on a unit.

Buying a condo often means having less storage space, so prospective buyers should find exactly out how much is available. Condo owners eventually have to deal with the management team and should meet team members early on to see how they like them.