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How do you talk to your family about your estate plan?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2021 | Estate Planning |

Discussing your estate plan is a hard topic to tackle. After all, it revolves around two of the most difficult subjects: death and finances. But an important step of handling your end of life matters involves bringing it up to your family.

Is there any way you can make the discussion easier for everyone? What are the best tips for tackling something that leaves most people uncomfortable at best?

Set the conversation up

Market Watch discusses how to tackle the difficult topic of your estate plan with family. First, you want to give your loved ones as much time and space as you can to accept and understand the upcoming discussion. In other words, do not launch it on them out of the blue. Instead, explain that you want to talk about your estate plan. Tell them why you think it is important and why you want everyone to listen. Set a time and date for the discussion. You may want to break it up into multiple discussions so you can cover topics in a more thorough way.

Consider a mediator

You may also want to consider hiring a third party mediator. Even the most well-adjusted of families often struggle to talk extensively about money and assets. You do not want anyone walking away hurt or misunderstanding your intentions. It can help to have a neutral third party there to manage any disputes that may arise. They help ensure everyone can say their piece, too.

Finally, be understanding. No one wants to have this discussion, likely including yourself. People may behave as they would under stress. Be lenient and forgiving, but firm when broaching such topics.