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Understanding the purpose of building codes

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2021 | Commercial Real Estate |

Building codes and regulations in New York require compliance from contractors and property owners. These laws specifically address safety requirements to protect the well-being of building occupants.

An understanding of the need for such laws helps building owners prevent unintentional violations. It can also provide reassurance that their property remains up-to-code to provide optimal protection for their tenants. Those who fail to comply with federal building codes may face serious legal penalties.

Managing risks

Experts recommend that property owners create a maintenance timeline to help them keep track of mandatory inspection requirements. According to Professional Builder, referencing code regulations allows property owners to manage risks and recognize hazards before they endanger building occupants.

The outcome of an inspection can help owners assess the potential loss that may result if a catastrophic event happens. This could include man-made threats and natural causes. Utilizing this information, property owners can address risks and implement solutions to mitigate danger and restore structural integrity.

Conducting inspections

Building owners may fare better during a building inspection when they put adequate resources toward the maintenance and preservation of their property. According to the New York State, Department of State, Division of Building Standards & Codes, the Division of Building Standards & Codes or the BSC conducts all building inspections.

An inspection will assess multiple things including fire safety, committal of non-compliant activities, property maintenance or lack thereof, maintenance of required building permits and unsafe equipment on the premises. Building owners found in violation of code regulations will receive directions to correct their situation. Once a subsequent investigation shows the effective completion of all requirements, officials will update the inspection results.