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Discussing estate planning with relatives

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2022 | Estate Planning |

Talking about final wishes and estate planning can be uncomfortable for families. Some people don’t like to discuss their inevitable deaths while others don’t feel comfortable talking about private financial matters. If you’re a New York resident, here are some tips for making this conversation less awkward.

Why the conversation is important

It is beneficial for you and your loved ones to be as transparent as necessary when it comes to estate planning. For example, you may assume that one of your relatives would be comfortable managing one of your assets or accounts when that person might not want such a huge responsibility.

Your children, stepchildren, spouse or other close relatives should understand your intentions for your estate. Communicate clearly with your beneficiaries to reduce conflict or misunderstandings when it’s time to put your final wishes into action.

Additional benefits for your family

In addition to making the specifics of estate planning clear to your loved ones, talking about your final wishes can give your family a sense of comfort that helps them in the grieving process. Instructions about how to handle your estate can also start beneficial family traditions that will last for generations to come.

Even though the conversation can be positive, it may still be challenging to initiate the discussion. Choose a comfortable setting during a time when your family is not dealing with other stressors or pressing events. Be sure that your family members know that you are sincere in your intentions to discuss your final wishes and that you want to make sure everyone close to you is informed about how you’d like to distribute the assets of your estate.