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Knowledgeable Legal Counsel To Handle Business Partnership Disputes

The attorneys at Marcus, Gould & Sussman, LLP, have assisted business owners and partners from the inception of companies and other types of business issues to company dissolution in New York. When it comes to handling business partnership disputes, we have a unique and comprehensive perspective of the legal issues.

We understand that any dispute or disagreement among business partners can lead to the dissolution of the partnership and the business itself. Therefore, we engage in thorough research of the origin of the dispute, analyze all the relevant documents and develop highly customized solutions. Our priority is to assist you in solving the current conflict you face and work on solutions that protect your interests and your business.

A Deep Understanding Of Your Interests And Expectations

Despite all the precautions taken to develop robust legal documents to regulate and establish your business as transparently as possible, disagreements and disputes may arise. Sometimes, partners have different visions about the direction a company should take. Perhaps there were misunderstandings about roles and responsibilities or property of business assets.

One of our goals as a law firm is finding alternative solutions to negotiate potential solutions that might be beneficial for all the parties involved. Otherwise, we are prepared to litigate and defend your rights, finances and business.

Other types of disputes we handle include:

  • Fraudulent activity and lack of transparency in the business financial operations
  • Lost business opportunities due to the intervention of a partner or partners
  • Breach of contract and fiduciary duty, such as sharing trade secrets with competitors
  • Disputes involving commercial real estate, among other real estate issues
  • Disagreements about the division of assets throughout a business dissolution

From our office in White Plains, we will work on sophisticated solutions to negotiate your dispute or build a solid defense to address your legal issue. Our attorneys will diligently work on your legal concerns and assist you in making informed decisions.

Discuss Your Legal Concerns With Our Attorneys

Our lawyers will discuss your legal issue and options in a free 15-minute initial phone consultation. Call 914-683-0090 or fill out our secure online intake form with a brief explanation of your consultation.