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13 red flags to look out for before signing a lease

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2023 | Real Estate |

Finding the perfect apartment could be arduous. The process could be lengthy and complicated based on what you believe is an ideal space. You could be considering a range of factors, including the apartment’s proximity and amenities.

However, these are not the only factors worth looking at. Sometimes, an apartment looks and feels right but has problems that cause trouble later when you have already signed the lease. Before finalizing the agreement, you could look for signs of potential property issues or legal concerns. If you spot the following red flags, you might want to rethink signing the lease immediately:

  • They only allow untraceable payment methods.
  • The agent only provided limited contact details.
  • The property owner refuses to meet up in person.
  • The apartment has issues with no exact schedule for repairs.
  • They require you to have a co-signer.
  • They only use one account for all payments.
  • They are asking for additional payments on top of the standard security deposit and one months’ worth of rent.
  • The owner is unable to provide an estimate for utility costs.
  • Local registries show that the property owner has faced issues or complaints before.
  • They do not allow potential renters to visit and inspect the property.
  • The property owner is enforcing an excessive late rent fee.
  • The security deposit terms are vague.
  • The apartment is perfect, but it still causes suspicion.

When apartment hunting, it is best to do more due diligence than none. Additionally, having a gut feeling could be enough reason to research the agent, property and its owner. Not noticing the signs could leave you in a tough spot after you sign the lease.

Lease problems could be overwhelming

Disputes involving your apartment and lease could cause overwhelming stress. Fortunately, renters have rights based on the law, providing a certain level of protection. If the property’s issues overstep any of these rights, you could take legal action to settle the matter.