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What circumstances can get in the way of a real estate deal?

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2024 | Real Estate |

Real estate transactions often follow the same process, making deals seem predictable. However, some circumstances can be too severe to ignore, leading to the deal’s disruption or cancellation. Even if the sale is already at closing, the buyer can face significant issues concerning the property or its associated paperwork. These complications can be dealbreakers, forcing the buyer to consider other options despite how far they are in the process.

Sometimes, the buyer can disregard these issues and proceed with closing the sale, opting to resolve concerns simultaneously or after the purchase. Still, real estate deals tend to flop if the following circumstances get in the way:

  • The buyer could not obtain approval for their mortgage.
  • There were problems with the contingencies necessary for the purchase agreement.
  • An inspection revealed severe issues with the property.
  • An appraisal showed that the property was gravely mispriced, making the purchase amount unreasonable.
  • A title search uncovered significant discrepancies and legal issues that can impact ownership rights.

Additionally, some buyers can withdraw from a sale simply because they had a change of heart. These scenarios can happen regardless of how smoothly the process is progressing.

Preventing problems that can derail a sale

Some purchase issues can be inevitable, but others are preventable. Specific problems can arise because of improper paperwork and failure to meet requirements for essential real estate transactions. Fortunately, getting help for these concerns can be easy, such as by seeking legal assistance and counsel.

Aside from having experienced guidance, advice concerning real estate purchases can also help address confusing situations and legal implications that may make a buyer hesitant to move forward with the sale.